Website application

Date and time sensitive events can be managed, formatted and set to publish online. 

Internal application

For organisations that require date + time sensitive as well as centralised data management. 

Add an event and any number of times for when and where the event occurs.

Events features:

  • Categories
    • Category templates
      • Descriptions / Images / Galleries
  • Friendly URLs
  • Page Titles - SEO optimised
  • Facebook Open Graph
    • Add specific image/title/description when shared on Facebook
  • Publish Date + Expiry
  • Status control
  • Event Times
    • Multiple times for each event
    • Status control
    • Recurring event times
  • Event Category View & Date Time Event List View
  • Internal users
    • Calendar integration - get events direct to your personal calendar or smart phone calendar app
    • Send alerts to users linked to events.


Jobs & Tasks

Workflow for internal jobs and task management is also built in.

Tasks features:

  • Description
  • Assign task to user
  • Track times on task
  • Assign to a Job for organisation

Jobs features:

  • Description
  • Start - Deadline date time
  • Type & Status
  • Task list
  • Job Cost tracking
  • File collections
    • Add a collection of files,
    • drag-drop multiple files to upload into a collection
    • Collection decription for reference
  • Issues / Bugs