Contacts & Customers

Contacts are central to your business, as are the conversations you're having with them.
Customer conversation data management is a key concept in Editmaster Business.

The Contacts module includes:

  • General Details
  • Company / Person Types
  • Web Application settings ie. Price bands / Employee Structures / Templates
  • Postal / Physical addresses
  • Contact Grouping
    • Mailing lists
    • Supplier / Customer splits
  • Custom Information
  • Conversations
    • Opportunities
    • Followups
    • Issue and resolution management
    • Authorisation control
  • Web Sales & Transaction Reports
  • Subscriptions, Memberships & Recurring Billing



Direct e-Marketing & Campaigns or Email Newsletters

You have lists of subscribers, lists of suppliers, lists of customers... Editmaster helps organise all these lists.

The brand new campaign module for sending great looking emails to customers and opportunities includes:

  • Mailchimp Sync


Contacts - one to one dialogue

When a customer contacts your business, their enquiry or comments are stored as a conversation.

Any sale or relavent touchpoint is stored as a conversation entry.