Products, Inventory & Online sales

Editmaster provides a complete product management module with comprehensive inventory control and sales tracking.

The module is geared for presenting products and selling products online. 

Features include: 

  • Friendly URLs
  • Page Title - SEO optimised
  • Solr support - boosters, optimised search indexing, auto-indexing
    Read more about Solr:
  • Complete product & image xml trees
  • Name, Stockcode, alternate references
  • Barcode, serials
  • Weight/size/style/brand/colour
  • Warehouse location & Shelf
  • Dates for restock or inspection
  • Incl. Price, retail and wholesale, price bands
  • Presentation templates for specifications, images & galleries
  • Supporting documents
  • Multiple Categories
  • Companions
  • Inventory control with qty, sales, date, sell price & customer


Compatible with external stock control systems

It's also possible to integrate product availabilty from external systems.
Integration is available for Exchequer Accounting, Xero or any system with an API for data mapping.