Editmaster e-business solutions

Editmaster® Business is Data Management Software designed to function seamlessly with your public facing online business.

The software ships with practical features that function off the shelf and enables development of unique innovations that define your online point of difference.

  • Edit all your websites with one login using an inline editor
  • Generate & manage conversations with customers & contacts
  • Sell products & promote events
  • Keep track of inventory
  • Facilitate and manage online sales
  • Integrate data syncing with online or offline systems
    • Including Accounting software like Xero, Exchequer, E-conomic or MYOB
  • Export data in Excel compatible lists
  • and so much more...


Key Features

  • Access to data for multiple concurrent users
  • Multiple companies for ring fenced data management
  • Integrates with import/export APIs from external systems
  • Responsive User Interface - works on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers
  • Fast - optimised for the Internet with intelligent caching and other data fetch optimisations
  • Integrated system, one login / multiple functions
  • Customisable business focused modules and web-applications, including integrated e-commerce
  • Organised into user friendly concepts
  • Maintained by experienced professionals


Responsive User Interface

The software user interface has 3 modes, Desktop / Tablet / Smartphone

Icons and layouts are adjusted for cursor desktop interface,  touch, and left or right handed operation.

Editmaster UI Desktop Editmaster UI Tablet Editmaster UI Smart Phone

Note: Smartphone support is optimal for 3.5" screens and above.